Sunday, March 16, 2008

sitelinks for my

do you know what is sitelinks?

Google Sitelinks are a collection of links that appears below the result of a website. These additional links link to main pages of the website. They are randomly and automatically chosen by Google's algorithm.EG:

As an example, here are the sitelinks that you get for when you search for "laptop batteries":

Sitelinks only appear for general search terms. You'll get Sitelinks if you search for "laptop batteries" but you won't get Sitelinks if you search for a term like "sony laptop battery". Sitelinks show up most often for searches on brand names.

under the usual links:there are 8 links:

dell 1691p , hp laptop computer battery , acer laptop battery,dell laptop battery,camcorder batteries, sony camcorder batteries, new f4809a

How can you get Sitelinks for your website?
Unfortunately, there is nothing certain about Google's Sitelinks. The following factors seem to influence whether Google displays Sitelinks or not:
Your website must have a stable #1 ranking for the searched keyword. Other websites don't seem to get Sitelinks.
Your website must be at least 2 years old. It seems that younger websites don't get Sitelinks.
The number of searches and the number of clicks that your website gets for a certain keyword seem to be considered. Keywords that aren't searched often enough don't get Sitelinks. It also seems that your website has to get many clicks for the searched keyword.
The number of links that point to your website with the searched keyword as the anchor text seem to influence the creation of Sitelinks. Sitelinks only seem to appear for the main keywords of a website, not for all keywords for which a website is listed.
If your website meets these criteria Google might assign Sitelinks to your website for your most important keywords.

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